Meet Nanditha & Nandini

Nanditha and Nandini were born to a woman from an isolated village in Gulbarga, India. Their mother was extremely poor and was forced to work the streets to provide one meal a day. In 2013 she and her children were rescued from this lifestyle.

Unforunately, their mother is currently in the final stage of HIV/AIDS. By God’s grace, the doctors have confirmed that Nandini and Nanditha are healthy. Their mother’s greatest desire is for her children to continue to be cared for, loved on, fed, and given the opportunity for an education. Today Nandini and Nanditha are going to school, getting three meals a day, and are happy - enjoying their life in one of our partner children’s homes. Their mother’s hope for them is a reality today because you give BIG.

Give. Go.

He’s A Go Giver!

Tony is from Sacramento, California.  He’s a Giver of Yum.  He’s also a Go Giver.  

What’s a Go Giver, you ask?

Tony has been a supporter of many non-profit organizations over the years.  But at the top of his list? - Rice Bowls!  Tony tells us he, “whole-heartedly supports the mission and the work Rice Bowls does in serving orphaned children”.  

After being a Giver of Yum, Tony made the leap to Go Giver by joining us on a trip to Haiti in September 2011.  On that trip, Tony got to see, firsthand, the love and passion Rice Bowls provides through our partner homes.  ”The way they interact with both children and the orphanage directors is intentional, genuine and inspirational,” says Tony.  The 2011 trip had a profound impact on Tony.  Since then, he’s also joined us on other visits to Nicaragua, Philippines and South Africa!

Throughout every trip, Tony tells us he heard a consistent message of changed lives and gratitude.  Tony has become an ambassador of sorts, encouraging others to partner with Rice Bowls and to consider joining a Go Give Yum trip.  Tony sums it up like this.  ”You will be blessed, but more importantly, you will significantly impact the lives of some fantastic kids!”

Give. Go.


Feeding Future Leaders

At it’s core, Rice Bowls provides delicious meals to over 1700 children who are growing up in safe, loving partner homes.  But consider this: the YUM you help provide feeds future leaders! 
That’s right. Leaders.
Strong and positive are two words used to describe Peaceful, a young girl who found herself suddenly responsible for her younger siblings.  They had lost their parents to HIV/AIDS, were on their own, and struggled every day just to make it.  Now add ‘courageous’ to the list of words that describe Peaceful.
Fortunately, Peaceful and her siblings found a safe haven in one of our partner homes in South Africa.  They no longer had to worry about where they’d find their next meal or staying safe.
The young family thrived.
Peaceful has grown up, gone to school and is now a leader in her community.  She’s making sure orphaned children get a chance to grow up strong and positive, just like she did.
Join us in the fight to Feed Future Leaders!

Masters in Public Service + Passion for Orphans + Worldwide Missions Traveler = Rice Bowls Intern


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          You don’t even have to be good at math to figure this one out.

The answer is Allison!

Allison just finished her masters degree studies in Public Service, with an emphasis in Non-Profit Management.  Combine that with her service to the poor and hungry around the world and you have an equation for tons of positive impact!  As the latest addition to our volunteer internship program, Allison will be able to pursue her passion to help others see and understand the orphan crisis.  She’ll also add tremendous depth to Rice Bowls special projects like grant writing, new fundraising strategies and preparing press releases.

We’re super excited to add Allison to our team as we subtract hunger from the world - one child at a time!

A Series of Small Things

A Ten-Bowl Challenge. That’s what Paul Mallory (Arlington, TX) set out to accomplish in December of last year. He challenged 9 other families to join him in providing YUM for as many kids as possible.  Before long, these families were jumping on board. When it was all said and done, nearly 20 families took part in his Rice Bowls Family Challenge. Paul captured some thoughts from 3 families who participated:

 “We started putting our loose change in the bowl at the end of the day. For us, since we don’t have kids, it was nice knowing that something so “insignificant” to us, something we really take for granted, and most of the time don’t even count in our “cash on hand,” means life for another human being.”

“My girls are so funny - they didn’t even know what we did! Putting spare change

in a bowl was such an easy way to give and it went unnoticed until we filled our bowl. It was neat to tell them it was enough money to feed someone for quite a while. It’s amazing how an insignificant thing to us can become quite significant when done with others.”

“The challenge was a great project for our family! It made us think about our “change” in a whole new way, and it prompted some wonderful conversations with our two boys. It was just another real-life example for us, and provided some teachable moments. The kids were amazed that something so simple – some loose change, a few coins or dollar bills that just sit around or get tossed somewhere, could actually be used to feed a hungry child. Unfortunately, we take all of those things for granted much too often. Something small (or someone small for that matter) can make a big, big difference and that’s not small at all!”

 In the end, Paul’s Rice Bowls Family Challenge raised enough money one orphaned child for 11 months! That’s nearly a year!  Family Challenges are a great way to support Rice Bowls. They offer the opportunity for families to talk about how seemingly small things can deliver in big ways. So, why not order 10 bowls, invite 9 families to join you and get started on the next series of small things brought together?

Meet Nishmitha

                                                                                                                                                                      Her favorite flower is the sunflower. And just look at that face. It’s as bright and beautiful as any flower on the planet! Nishmitha is an active 5 year-old who dreams of one day becoming a doctor. She lives at one of our partner homes in Bangalore, India. Because of the loving care and nutritious food she receives every day, Nishmitha’s dream may one day come true. Instead of dealing with the harsh realities so many other orphaned children face, her days are filled with learning, laughing, loving, and following her dreams - just like the sunflower follows the sun as its makes it path across the sky.

From Sweet Home Alabama to Ethiopia

                                                                                                                           The Crave Students, from Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery, don’t just confine their mission-minded selves to “Sweet Home, Alabama.”  Instead, they relentlessly search for ways to reach out and serve others around the world. It’s through their searching that they came across Rice Bowls. Because orphaned children need a voice - someone to speak up for them and to care for their needs - a partnership with us was a perfect fit.

They took on the challenge to feed an entire orphanage for a whole year!  Brian, their youth pastor, said, “Considering it would take $30,000 to feed these beautiful children, we knew this would only be possible through the call of God, and our students answered the call amazingly!”  The students pursued countless ways to raise the funds.  The students gave birthday gifts of cash, held a dodge ball tournament to benefit their YUM challenge, sold hoodies and even finished the year with a Christmas Benefit Dinner.  This entire project helped created a greater awareness to the needs of orphaned children.

 The Crave students not only met their goal, they exceeded it!  And maybe the best part of the challenge is that they now have an eternal bond with some loving children they may never meet.

Yummy Christmas

We know God loves the fatherless more than we do. We know our calling is to feed the child who is hungry and unprotected. This past year we’ve remained faithful in feeding orphans around the world, but we are not resting in the fact that we’re feeding children in 52 different children’s home in 8 countries.  Instead, we want to serve more and give more.

Many of you have already joined us and many more will come along side us in 2013. We’ve experienced an increase in corporate sponsors and business campaigns.  We’ve partnered with churches and schools who want to do more than just the normal mission project. We launched Go Give Yum trips!  And we’ve seen sports teams step up and get in the game! 

We encourage you to stay creative and keep finding fresh ways to fight hunger with usCheck out this Rice Bowl Christmas Tree from Wesley UMC.  Together, with Upward Sports, their teams are providing lots of happy meals! 

On behalf of the staff at Rice Bowls, our partners and the children who eat 3 meals a day because of you, we’d like to say — Yummy Christmas! 

Lots of change


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Victoria had been saving change in a one-gallon jar for two years.  She told us her original plan was to use it for a tattoo, but that she had also considered using it for a family vacation.  As time went on, she said, “Lately, I had been thinking we really need to use it for groceries.”

After hearing about Rice Bowls, Victoria said, “I figured I’d fill 1 or 2 (bowls), leaving plenty of change for other things.”  But that’s when another change happened.  Victoria was immediately reminded of the story from Mark 12:44, where a poor widow gives what little money she has – all of it.  But, she thought, “I wasn’t totally sold on giving up what I had saved for so long.”  Later that week, she read about King David refusing to give a sacrificial offering that hadn’t cost him anything, and knew she had to give everything in the change jar to help feed orphans, holding nothing back and trusting God to provide for her and her family.

Change jar.  Changed heart.  Changing lives.

Why we Go?


Sajina playing games in Andra Pradesh

We love orphaned children and want to serve them. It’s important to see first-hand the homes we partner with, for the sake of accountability and to establish long term relationships with each director and staff members. We also want to be there to help feed them, not just give healthy meals by sending a check. We go so that we can eat with them, go to the market with them, help them carry bags of rice, or do some gardening!  Of course we like to play too! Soccer, piggyback rides, and a game of chase gives us time to get to know the children. Kids eat and kids play; we want to join them in both.

We’re headed out with a team to Nicaragua this December, and then on to India the summer of 2013! Contact us if you’re interested. Let’s Go Give Yum!


 Dodd helping with lunch in Nicaragua


The children in Haiti helping Bryan edit photos


 John eating Briyani with the children in Chennai

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